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How to Drive Exports while Enjoying your Summer Break

Exporter Christmas

Grow your exports while enjoying summer with the family.

One upside to not having a white Christmas it is that while New Zealand businesses go off line and we retire to our favourite piece of coastline or lakeside over the sunny summer months, in the Northern Hemisphere its business as usual. A minor stoppage for some at Christmas but otherwise its full steam ahead.

‘So what?’, you may ask. Well this seasonal variation in work patterns provides great opportunities for Kiwi companies looking to develop export markets to get a step ahead as they head into the New Year.  By using a partner like Katabolt to continue driving market insight development or establish relationships with targeted market partners over December and January means teams coming together after the break are armed with new opportunities and ready jump into action with clear, rested minds and avoid the late summer lull in activity as teams slowly wind into the New Year.

So what can a business do to make the most of the downtime over Christmas and January?

Putting in place a market selection programme to work out where your next export market is and how to get there can provide clear direction for immediate action and inform a clear confident strategy for 2016.

Alternatively businesses that head into the holiday period having identified their desired market can use the period to identify which businesses are the right potential market partners, who to speak to and how to get to them.

Katabolt specialises in putting New Zealand businesses in the right position to open up new markets.  If you are looking for a kick-start to your 2016 growth programme give Katabolt a call and see how we can help.

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