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16 Top Export Tips for 2016 from the Katabolt Community (Part 1)

Challenges In International Market Research

Every year working with New Zealand exporters throws up new learnings for everyone and reinforces fundamental practices behind success.

So now the long weekends are almost behind us and the eye is back on the prize over the next month Katabolt is rolling out insights gathered in the last year from our clients and team that are key to export success from Aotearoa.

Know why you are exporting and how you are going to do it?  Bring your decision making back to your business strategy.  Some key questions include where does export fit into your business strategy, what is your capacity to invest in export market development, what opportunity exists for you to take advantage of, what return are you looking for and what tactics are required secure a robust market entry and growth.

We have said it before and we will keep saying it, there are some key elements that most enduring New Zealand exporters large and small all follow some core practices that are important to any business with an international growth focus:

Select your market carefully and prioritise your commitment rather than spreading your focus to thinly.

Better to understand and succeed in one market at a time than spread your resources and limit your impact by chasing too many businesses at a time.

Invest in understanding your market.

Research your market and identify your customer and what part of your offer has relevance to them.  The better your understanding the greater the opportunity to reach the right customer.  And don’t stop learning, success is based on continuous refinement of your activity.

Take time finding the right market partners.

Make sure they understand and can deliver on your objectives.  Set your criteria, make sure they understand and can deliver on your strategy and find as good a fit as possible.  Take your time to establish a relationship at the beginning – like any relationship they are costly, time consuming and distracting to get out of later.

Be ambitious and courageous.

Don’t sell yourself short.  Set clear, measurable objectives for your market partners and hold them to them early.  Ensure before committing that respective functions are clearly defined and planned out.

No one is more interested in your success than you.

Once you are in market it is essential to work with your market partner and let them know that they are constantly accountable for the success of the business.

Do you have a set of core practices that drive export success in your business? We would love to hear about them.

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