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16 Top Export Tips for 2016 from the Katabolt Community (Part 2)

Talking Export Strategy

For the next set of tips we thought we would take a step back from the specific tips around finding a market and look at tips for considering the context for export.

Export should be a component of a greater business plan and as such should deliver to the overall strategy of the business and not be pursued in isolation. It will draw on the resources of the business and rarely succeeds without having dedicated focus.

So following on from the previous 2016 Top Tips blog here we look at a couple of tips for considering your approach to exporting.

  1. Are you clear and realistic about the capabilities of your business? There are three variables that will affect your ability to achieve your objectives. Do you have the time to get to where you want to get to given the amount of money you can to invest and thequality of product or service that you aim to deliver?
  2. Your objectives and capabilities will impact on decisions about the type of in market partner you should be looking for.  Remember that different types of partners often suit different products and knowing whether you should be going direct to a retailer, via a distributor, using an in market agent or setting up your own in market representation can depend not just on your capabilities but what you are selling. Complex offers will require different partnerships to more simple products.
  3. Challenge potential partners.  One well known New Zealand house brand will not sign with any international partner that will not send their CEO to New Zealand to see the manufacturing business in Auckland.  Another insists that their short list of distribution partners pitches for their business and can demonstrate their are a good fit for the New Zealand exporter.  This way they get to know the plans of their partners better but have a greater chance of understanding whether the partner is natural fit with their requirements.

Understanding your own needs and the needs of the end user will make finding the right middle man a much easier process.  For more on this topiccontact Katabolt directly.

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