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When and Where to Segment Markets

How deep should New Zealand Exporters go when segmenting a value chain?

This week I met with a customer who had done an extensive segmentation of a large international market that they were well established in?  Their objective, where to focus on to drive the next phase of growth in this market. Their challenge, they still did not feel they had enough information to commit to a particular direction and so were looking for assistance to push the project further.

The biggest challenge was that despite establishing a multi-million dollar market they were still not sure what was driving demand in the market or where they could have the most influence in the value chain.  How to find out more?

When segmenting international markets it is important to take into account the length of the value chain in your market.  Who is influencing the uptake of your product or service in the target export market and what is motivating them to be a supporter of your offer.  It means we need to break out each level of the value chain and segment potential partners at each level.

Once the value chain segments are clear and their drivers it is much easier understand where to position your offer and focus on pursuit of your export objectives.

So, do you understand the different segments in each level of your path to market?  Katabolt can help New Zealand exporters focus on the most important segments in their supply chain.  Contact us to find out more.

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