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NZ Exporters Must Look for Gaps in 2017


It’s going to be a big year!

Happy New Year and welcome to our first Katabolt update for 2017! We hope you had a relaxing and reviving break and return ready to crack on with your plans. The last couple of months of action around the globe have highlighted two major considerations for exporters in 2017.

1. Change appears to be the only certainty. Our traditional go-to markets Brexit, Trumpland, the EU and China – are turning inwards and slowing down. Emerging markets such as South Asia and Africa are new territories for many New Zealand businesses and we need to take time to get to know them.

2. On the flip side, technology continues to bring the world closer together, requires greater specialisation and is fast-forwarding the competition. McKinsey have put out this excellent summary of the continued increase in global interconnectedness in 2016.

So what should aspiring New Zealand exporters do? There is still plenty of opportunity for exporters but we much take the time to be clear which to go after and where to position to compete effectively in the changing global economy. The good thing is there are proven processes to do so and over 2017, Katabolt will share some of these insights to help you build and execute your plans with confidence.

Stay tuned as we share insights and lessons from working with over 150 clients in 26 countries.

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