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Why Exporting is not like a First Date

Would you marry someone after the first date?

Or would you take some time and get to know them first? We’re guessing the answer is the latter, but having worked with numerous New Zealand exporters it seems that we meet someone exotic, throw caution to the wind and just commit too soon.

All jokes aside, at Katabolt we’ve built a proven process to validate market opportunities and build a strategy for exporters to find the right partner in the right market.  It dramatically increases the chances of success and prevents companies being locked into relationships that are going nowhere.

We love helping ambitious small and medium-sized businesses take on the export challenge with our unique Export Journey – mapping the steps to market entry and being their wingman as they grow.

The Journey starts with getting Ready. More than swiping right and popping a Smint – we put companies through their paces to understand their underlying export drivers, define commercial objectives and objectively critique a business’s capabilities, capacity and cashflow that inevitably will be tested on the road ahead.

In phase two we help clients take Aim by digging deep to identify the right markets, hone in on the right customers and ensure they have the right product /service to satisfy unmet market needs.

Phase three is Fire. It’s about giving companies the confidence to hit put their plans into action, overcome objections and seal the deal (or cope with rejection).

Finally, in phase four– we work with our clients to help them Evolve before moving to the next market. Continuous learnings once in a new market provide opportunities to explore new channels and establish a valuable lasting market presence.

In the meantime, if you want to know more, see how we worked with a leading New Zealand food company to turn their export dream into a commercial reality.

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Are you ready to fast track your export success?

Are you ready to fast track your export success?

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