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The Outstanding CEO Summit 2017

We made sure that Katabolt didn’t miss the CEO Summit this year.

This year the Summit focused on developing culture of innovation within your organisation and how to link that to what your customer actually wants. We were interested in seeing how Chris and Rahul would interpret the speakers, what their key messages from the day were and who were their favourite – as they come from different backgrounds. Here are some little snippets from their inspirational day:


It was the best investment, value for money this country has to offer for start-ups, small and large businesses. Leland Mashchmeyer – Chief Creative Officer at Chobani, showed the importance of empowering people and building teams to share their ideas. Showing people that no idea is a bad idea and being innovative in your approach to business can influence change. Definitely take the time to watch the summit highlights.

– Chris (Partner)


“The CEO Summit offered countless food for thought, but for me the key outtake (and a recurring theme across various speakers) was the importance of businesses and organisations understanding their purpose. The why that connects the business leaders vision, unites employees and connects you with your customers. It was a message that was superbly and eloquently delivered by Daniel Flynn (left) – the founder of Thank-you and if you have time, his talk is well worth watching

– Rahul (Head of Brand and Customer Experience)

We would highly recommend you attend next year!


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