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The theme that came through from Webinar Two was for exporters to fully understand the breaks and complexities in their supply chain first, then seek out the help that is available, and on the increase:

  • New Zealand is open for business, we are still importing and exporting. All parties in the New Zealand supply chain ecosystem are collaborating to keep freight moving in and out of the country.  
  • International supply chains are highly disrupted, but they’re not fully broken.  We don’t know what the future state will be as the situation is still fluid, but we can expect it to be less flexible and slower – there are fewer options to find and use.
  • Right now air freight is the biggest concern for New Zealand exporters. Air freight capacity has collapsed by approximately 95% because it relies so heavily on passenger routes being serviced.  
  • Available air freight prices are high and unstable. Charter flights are becoming more available – utilise the NZTE MyFreight portal to understand further  and talk with your freight forwarder for options.
  • Regularly check NZTE and Government updates.  Keep talking to your freight forwarding partners.   
  • Don’t assume that high air freight costs will price you out of your market. Market expectations have moved, and what was once unacceptable to a customer may now be acceptable.
  • Ability to trade in any capacity is likely to resume quicker with China – New Zealand is well positioned, in terms of access and trust, with China.
  • There will be opportunities to sell more in different ways, but look before you leap, you may just be trading problem for problem if you don’t.

The Panel was facilitated by Andy Mitchell, Growth strategist at Katabolt, including the following panelists:

Panel Export Industry Experts

Alistair Gates

NZ Post (ex DHL Global)

Hamish Conway

Sell Global

Paul Cook

Marque Magnetics

Heather Cole

Country Trading Co.

Jeremy Hall

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Darrell Wong


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