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7 Questions to ask your export partners right now!

Create certainty in a sea of uncertainty – these are 7 questions we have put together to ask your export partners right now to get the clarity you need. Don’t leave things to chance, the more you understand, the more certainty you will get on the decisions you need to make now. Understanding the markets you sell into, the reliably of revenue from your partners in these markets, and the cashflow implications for your business, is critical – remember, you need to survive now to thrive later.

  1. What are the greatest risks to your business arising from the coronavirus situation?
  2. What steps is your business taking to manage these risks?
  3. What are your other partners and competitors doing to manage business in this situation?
  4. What support are you able to get from government agencies or other organisations?
  5. What can we do for you to help maintain our business partnership through these challenges?
  6. Are their opportunities you can see from this situation to enhance or strengthen our partnership and improve business in the long term?
  7. We are here to talk, adjust and react, what’s the best way for us to communicate during this situation? [consider that your contact person may be working from home; what platform is the best, and also whether you need to communicate more often than normal given how fluid the situation is]

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Are you ready to fast track your export success?

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