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The Panelist’s in EPR6 | Voice from Europe & the UK, were on point Friday – with insights from inside the region that were of real benefit in understanding the current state, and the signs of optimism:

Interesting opportunities exist  for New Zealand exporters in Europe and the UK from the disruption of C19, but for products with the right positioning, messaging, and channels to this market  – to take advantage of these opportunities, be like Jack – be nimble, be useful, be agile, be quick….

  • Remember that New Zealand  hasn’t been impacted in the same way as the UK and Europe. Empathy is critical. Approach it at their pace, not yours.  
  • Access to market continues to be an issue. The rapid change of business models to DTC / online means that inventory management is not keeping up with demand.  Roll with it. Manage it.
  • Even though New Zealander’s are  good at exporting products, we need to get better at exporting our innovation through IP. We have to diversify our value chains. Leverage the idea from New Zealand – make that idea somewhere else. C19 has accelerated strategic thinking over days instead of months or years.
  • “The UK is very resilient, they are very good to be in the trenches with”  – your job is to work out what they need when hunkering down. Be purposeful.  Follow what consumers want – your story, your care for the planet, your people, their people.  The UK is deciding what companies they want to have in their market, and companies need to focus on their compelling stories, and what those stories mean for the world.
  • “Technology is driving everything we do,  it’s not just zoom calls….” – the unique problems of today need unique problem solvers. Data technology is being used to understand what is happening in the world more than ever before. New solutions and ideas are needed for niche problems, and New Zealanders are great problem solvers.
  • New Zealand’s message of collectivism, kindness, and wellness is coming to the fore during this crisis – this may be our usual narrative, but it’s resonating strongly on the international stage with the spotlight that is on us.
  • Don’t do it alone. Collaborate, share, combine.  Become part of a Kiwi force, not a business of one.  Reach out to those in-market, and in your industry, on who is best to assist your business with groups like KEA, NZTE, or NZTE beachhead advisors.
  • Use experts! Kiwis are great generalists, but bring in experts able to drive your business into markets better and faster  –  collaboration is not just about working with those in the same boat with you, but with those that can help steer the boat in the right direction. 
  • BREXIT is still happening! There is  a world of opportunity for New Zealand exporters in the UK in the likely FTA between the two countries, and also in the EU where a FTA is also on the cards.


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