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Export Recovery Panel Webinar | Seven | Voice from the Market | Australia

Friday 8th May 2020 10:00 am – one hour

The disruption of C19 will uniquely provide many trans-tasman opportunities, and the combined bubble with Australia will be best met with one of our favourite words of the series (apart from unprecedented), collaboration.

Be brave, talk with others, and build collaborative partnerships – they are not easy, but will be a key in solving the challenging problems that lie ahead.

The discussion amongst the ERP7 panelists focused on this opportunity in one of our biggest, but also one of our most challenging markets, which will require New Zealand exporters to have a clear strategy, detailed plan, and then a very careful approach to partners and channels to make the most of the advantage we have :

  • Don’t look to ‘sell’, but look for mutually beneficial solutions to best leverage this situation – what walls may have been up in the past could be broken down through the necessity of our two countries relying on each other more than ever before.
  • Understand what the needs of the buyers are in Australia that you are approaching, clearly and distinctly, and then strictly define your value to those needs – now more than ever before.
  • Get your pricing right  –  it may be a new world, but margins in Australia are hard to maximise, and need to be carefully managed to make sure you can get the buyers attention and access to their channel, but also make some money along the way.
  • Collaborate and seek help – with structures and margins as tight in Australia as they are, you need someone holding you hand to help you through – talk to NZTE, those in the industry, those you can trust, to get the right insights.
  • Now may be the time to leverage getting access into the Australian market, in scale and volume,  by sacrificing margin, then rely on good relationship management to improve margins and profit later. However, this strategy will need a good plan to execute well.
  • Before your approach to the Buyer – think of all the questions they might ask, show you have an understanding of their needs, outside of just margin. Find out what they are being asked to drive and be judged on, and then use your ability to meet those criteria and move the conversation away from just price. 
  • The desire between the countries to collaborate  common issues is being met by action – i.e. a digital health passport is being fast tracked with development from both sides of the Tasman. Don’t assume where blocks were before that they will be there now
  • Both countries have great entrepreneurs and trainers – but sharing this expertise was sometimes too difficult before – now there is a new world of possibility in training and development, assisted by intent and technology [see the links below
  • With digital commerce B2B – understand your target customer’s journey, how this business will interact with your service, and the added value that this interaction will bring to them.


Resources :

Insights into topline COVID impacts in  Australia – thanks to Adrian for sharing:

Free events for Australian  startup founders, open to New Zealand founders to join as well (most of which these are free weekly sessions) – thanks to Rebekah for sharing:

Airtree weekly founder meet-up:

Startup Daily and Zambesi events at : /

The latest economic update report on Australia from the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade  – thanks to Fiona for sharing:

Other economic market reports from, MFAT :`


Is the ‘Lucky’ country still finding favour, or riding its luck by treading a fine line? What does this mean for New Zealand exporters?

Moving forward, the focus of our webinar series is to position New Zealand exporters for recovery – with guidance on managing inventory, in-market insights, and strategic exporting post-C19.

From this side of the Tasman it appears that Australia is being affected less, and easier to export to, in this C19 crisis relative to the disastrous situations elsewhere. With a likely trans-tasman ‘bubble’, is the Australian market now a ‘must’ for New Zealand exporters?

In SEVEN | VOICE FROM THE MARKET | AUSTRALIA, we actively assess the future of New Zealand exporting by hearing real world stories from channel partners and businesses inside probably our most important market:

  • Insights on states,  Industries and sectors doing better than others, and on those that are really suffering
  • We can sea freight to Australia in a week, but what is happening in the country over the ‘last mile’?
  • What is  the feeling on the ground about the Australian Government’s measures of containment, and chances  of a second wave of infections?
  • Are the optimists or pessimists winning the day?

Friday’s Panel will again be facilitated by Andy Mitchell, growth strategist at Katabolt, discussing real and practical ways of helping New Zealand businesses and exporters make it through with advice and insights from Industry Experts:

Hamish Conway

Sell Global, Director

Fiona Cooper

Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum, NZ Director

Rebekah Campbell

Zambesi, Co-Founder and CEO

Adrian Sandy

G.I.licious, CEO

Joss Honour

NZTE, Global Practice Lead Digital Commerce

Victoria Fulford

Simply Clean, Director

Are you currently exporting to Australia, or considering it? You need to be part of this week’s Webinar.

We know this has been a busy time for all, but it’s also a time to pause, gain clarity, and look at our businesses through a wider lens, in order to focus on where the opportunities may lie.

All participants are welcome, and there is no cost, register below to receive the link to our  webinar platform. If there are any questions or topics you want discussed, you can enter them here also.

Created by Katabolt, New Zealand’s leading export consultancy, the THRIVE TO SURVIVE project has been designed by exporters, for exporters in response to the C19 crisis. The EXPORT RECOVERY PANEL WEBINAR SERIES is at the core of this project, providing clarity, certainty and guidance where we can to help get a footing on shaky ground.


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