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Export Recovery Panel Webinar | Sector Update One | Food & Beverage


Health is the new Wealth.

Consumers don’t have a lot of control over their lives at the moment, but can control what they put into their body – and substitution to ‘better for you’ products has soared….

The Panelists on today’s Webinar maintained the optimism we have been hearing for this sector, but also emphasised that the time to start innovating to meet the opportunity is right now – not in months from now…

Click the link above to watch the replay – our outtakes from the discussion are below :

Get your head out of the weeds and look at the new horizon.’

  • ‘Channel selection is so key’  – Emma Loisel from Volcano Coffee talked of how pre-C19 95% of their business was in route and wholesale. They used the time over lockdown to communicate to grocery buyers, and implement their online channels better – you can come out of this in a much better place, reinventing your business around the dominant channels of today.
  • The need to innovate products to fit the ‘new’ market. Bob Burke talked of a ‘recession if not depression on the horizon In the US’. At the beginning of this crisis, buyers in the US put all new products on hold. These restrictions are now easing off, and buyers are now receptive to new Food & Beverage products, but vendors would be wise to offer more value within their approach to this ‘new’ market, such as greater volume single packs or multi-packs.
  • How do you react to new consumer trends? Tom Dorman of ‘Tom & Luke’ shared that their new NPD is data driven to an extent, utilizing data analytics to see what ingredients in health and immunity, for example, are trending, but only as a starting point – NPD has to ‘fit’ with what makes you, you.
  • Tom Dorman – ‘People buy story, people buy emotion, people buy values – that’s local, wherever you are….’  You can export to markets like the US, Australia and Europe, and still leverage off being ‘local’ with the culture and values you represent.
  • ‘Make from passion, not just make from our fields.’ Bob Burke talked of the opportunities for New Zealand produce within the US, with a significant amount of interest in what makes this country tick  – add your story to New Zealand’s core values of ‘clean and green’, and leverage this in your approach to buyers.
  • Collectivism might have a new place – collaborate and take risks in helping others, and mutually benefit, or benefit in ways not anticipated.
  • Emma Loisel – use this reset and realise maybe things that seemed immovable, can now be moved. Consumers have taken this time to substitute for ‘better’ –  better products and better service – are we up to give this to them?


On market, partner, channel selection  – Christopher Boys, Katabolt –

NZTE export Essentials workshops –

Click here for Guides on Market Selection referenced in our ERP Afterparty


If you are in Food & Beverage, and are thinking about exporting, you need to be on this webinar!

What is the state of New Zealand’s Food & Beverage sector as we edge out of the C19 crisis? Where should New Zealand businesses be looking – vertically, by channel, and offshore?

In Friday’s EXPORT RECOVERY PANEL  |  SECTOR UPDATE  |  FOOD & BEVERAGE  webinar we are positioning New Zealand businesses for recovery by talking through the current reality, and where the potential lies, with key figures from one of New Zealand’s most important sectors :

  • The boom in e-commerce – how companies  are opening up new online channels at pace.
  • Logistics – supply and access crunch points and management.
  • Domestic vs Export focus? Opportunity vs cashflow management?
  • What assistance is there to help, reposition and manage the opportunities to come.

Friday’s Panel will again be facilitated by Andy Mitchell, growth strategist at Katabolt, navigating the pathways to help make it through with advice and insights from Industry Experts:

Hamish Conway

Sell Global, Director

Paul Webster

NZTE, Customer Manager

Emma Loisel

Volcano Coffee Works, Chair and Co-Founder

Alistair Gates

NZ Post, General Manager Strategic Relationships

Bob Burke

Natural Product Consulting, Principal

Tom Dorman

Tom & Luke, Co-Founder

The EXPORT RECOVERY PANEL Webinar series was designed for exporters, by exporters – providing guidance for our businesses to survive, then thrive, through C19. Over the series we worked through :

  • Creating certainty by navigating broken supply chains, and managing customer and supplier relationships to ensure liquidity and cashflow. 
  • Insights from the ground to better understand the reality inside New Zealand’s key export markets of North America, Europe & the UK, Australia, and Asia. 
  • We are now turning our attention back home, focusing on the health of the Industry sectors that are the economic backbone of our nation.

All the EXPORT RECOVERY PANEL Webinars from our series are available to watch here, alongside contact details of all our panelists, and the key outtakes and resources from each.




All participants are welcome, and there is no cost for registration | CLICK BELOW | to get the link to our webinar platform for this Friday.

DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE ERP AFTERPARTY – consider this your invite…

The ERP AFTERPARTY is a 30 minute session directly after the webinar to provide guidance from two of the industry’s leading figures  –  Christopher Boys from Katabolt and Hamish Conway from SellGlobal  –  available to answer specific questions from you.

In the webinar registration link there is a field to enter your questions  –  or message Hamish during the webinar  –  then stay on the call after the Webinar finishes and we will try to get to yours to help out.

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