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Export Recovery Panel Webinar | Ten | Getting Paid & Managing Risk


Getting paid in export is fraught with difficulty at the best of times – these are not the best of times – and the risks need to be understood to be managed. Watch the replay of our webinar of GETTING PAID & MANAGING RISK at the link above – our outtakes from the discussion are below:

  • A general update on New Zealand exports – Nadine Hill NZTE – Mixed bag for New Zealand exporters – F&B, Health, wood sectors proving resilient, and total exports in April/May are tracking at roughly the same level as they were last year on a macro level. However, with Government’s pumping money into their economies around the world it’s hard to gauge the level of real demand out there, and how it is going hold up over the next quarter or two. 
  • Why is this a greater problem now? The rule of thumb is when exporting, the terms of credit you provide your customers will be longer than your domestic terms of trade – so the length of time to get paid will affect your cashflow. With C19, in general payments are taking even longer to get made, making cashflow even harder to manage when most companies can afford it the least.
  • Understanding trade credit insurance – Mike Hayes – there are extra risks in trading offshore, and credit insurance is all about making sure you get paid for your asset, being the invoice cost of your goods, the ‘dollars’. The cost of that insurance is based on understanding the payment risk of your customer.
  • What’s the function of Letters of Credit – Maree Erskine – it’s a guarantee from your buyer’s bank that you will get paid. Typically you would use an LOC or credit insurance, you don’t need both.
  • Can you just fly by the seat of your pants and have neither? The upshot it is too risky when you have $100,000 of product on the seas that hasn’t yet been paid for 
  • To understand more and get assistance, exporters, new or experienced, can get RBP funding for this work on this area under  ‘cashflow management’ advice and training – link to services page –
  • \This is an ecosystem response, not a single solution response. NZTE, Banks, Export credit NZ, private insurers – where do you go first as a customer to navigate this area? It’s dependent on your context and relationships, so start with the person/partner that knows your business the best to help you through. 
  • Managing the payment risk in exporting is challenging right now – there is more demand for export credit cover – less supply from those that are providing the cover. There are ‘no more Rolls Royce credit limits…’ Bridging the gap is where Export Credit NZ can really help.
  • Three questions that need to be asked by exporters to their customers, that their insurers will need to know – Mike Hayes – One, do they still need the product? Two, can they clear the product through the ports/airport on arrival? Three, can they pay for the goods?
  • In understanding credit risk – financials don’t mean anything anymore, so real information is key. Continually dialogue with your insurance provider – the industry has changed, instead of an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, it is now part of the ‘sell’ to your customers.
  • Sometimes the solution is the simplest. Some customers will be open to paying in full, upfront. Ask for what you want – don’t ask, don’t get.
  • World First  – provides domiciled bank accounts (ie a US bank account) in the country where the transaction is completed, relevant to minimising cost in online trading, and gaining transparency in the murky world of FX.
  • To undertake directly, it’s extremely difficult to open local bank account in US and Europe
  • Amazon will take a 3% FX charge and take 7 days to pay – with World First there will be an immediate transfer with Amazon, as recognised as a domestic account. Then you choose to move these funds back home at lower FX rates, when the time is right to do so. This is the new normal, ‘the new world of doing business’, and it will keep changing from here – grow with it.


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On market, partner, channel selection  – Christopher Boys, Katabolt –


Through C19, it’s difficult to get your bearings when the playing field doesn’t stay level – how do you still export safely, and in a financially responsible way?

In this Friday’s webinar  EXPORT RECOVERY PANEL  |  TEN  |  GETTING PAID & MANAGING RISK, we are positioning New Zealand businesses for recovery by working through the current need to manage and understand the risks of getting paid when exporting, with leading figures from the country’s trade credit and insurance industry.

  • How can trade credit reduce risk and help manage your cashflow interactions?
  • With insurers cutting limits globally, what do you do when you find yourself amongst the great ‘uninsurable’? 
  • Without trade credit insurance, what are the implications for your banking relationship?
  • Online – navigating FX, transfer of money and payment gateways ( i.e. Amazon, WorldFirst) in digital channels.

Friday’s Panel will again be facilitated by Andy Mitchell, growth strategist at Katabolt, navigating pathways to help make it through with advice and insights from Industry Experts :

Hamish Conway

Sell Global, Director

Chris Chapman

The Treasury, Manager of Export Credit New Zealand

Matt Phelan

World First, Country Manager for Australia & New Zealand

Mike Kayes

Willis Towers Watson NZ, National Manager for Credit Specialties

Nadine Hill

NZTE, Investment Manager

Maree Erskine

BNZ, International Trade Finance & Cashflow Solutions Specialist

The EXPORT RECOVERY PANEL Webinar series was designed for exporters, by exporters – providing guidance for our businesses to survive, then thrive, through C19. Over the series we have covered :

  • Searching for certainty where possible – navigating broken supply chains, and managing customer and supplier relationships to ensure liquidity and cashflow
  • Insights on the ground,  in markets  – to better understand the reality inside New Zealand’s key export regions of North America, Europe & the UK, Australia, and Asia. 
  • We are now turning our attention back home, focusing on the Industry sectors that are the economic backbone of our nation, and the urgent issues they are facing.

All the EXPORT RECOVERY PANEL Webinars from our series are available to watch here, alongside contact details of all our panelists, and the key outtakes and resources from each.




All participants are welcome, and there is no cost for registration | CLICK BELOW | to get the link to our webinar platform for this Friday.

DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE ERP AFTERPARTY – consider this your invite…

The ERP AFTERPARTY is a 30 minute session directly after the webinar to provide guidance from two of the industry’s leading figures  –  Christopher Boys from Katabolt and Hamish Conway from SellGlobal  –  available to answer specific questions from you.

In the webinar registration link there is a field to enter your questions  –  or message Hamish during the webinar  –  then stay on the call after the Webinar finishes and we will try to get to yours to help out.

You can now also register for next week’s webinar – focusing on the recovery of one of New Zealand’s most important sectors  –  HEALTH, WELLNESS & BEAUTY  –  by talking through the current reality, and where the potential lies, in this industry.





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