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Much of the discussion on our last webinar, on the state of New Zealand’s Manufacturing sector during the C19 era, focused onshoring vs offshoring parts of your supply chain &  focusing on the right channels to today’s demand, without  ‘pivoting until you are bent over…’

The outtakes from the discussion with our excellent Industry Panelists:

  • ‘We have the ingredients to make cake, but are making pikelets’. The metaphor of the today went to Todd Graydon when the Panel was discussing long term planning – Blunt sees the potential to make their products in New Zealand as they are a New Zealand company, and it ties to Blunt’s story – but ‘we have to be smarter on innovation and working collectively and with Government….’
  • Simon Thomas – ‘managing the unknowns was the hardest part of the last 3 months, but in our business, with the diversity in product and channel, we kept motoring along. Diversification was key – this crisis showed us where we were weak, and where we were strong.’
  • WIll Radford had a different take as a start up –  ‘it has been an interesting ride, success comes with its own fears’.  Demand surged as his company is in the ‘home-crafting’ space, and customers were stuck inside and wanted to colour-in things, a lot. Will had to make some tough calls on moving their limited stock around – some customers were winners, and some were losers. ‘Align decisions to your longer term strategy and roll with it’. 
  • On the access to the online marketplaces –  Amazon DC’s are getting better, and easing restrictions on access, in the US and elsewhere.
  • ‘Hedge with Plan B’. The most dangerous number in business is 1 – 1 channel, 1 market, 1 supplier… Are we rethinking where we are making our products? Todd Graydon – ‘there is a shift to look at where things are manufactured, South east Asia, South America are possibilities now over China.’
  • Onshoring vs Offshoring? Paul Cook – ‘it is not about asking if China is right for us – we could be in Vietnam and something goes wrong – it’s not about moving production to another country, but having a second manufacturing location to protect against risk.’
  • Success is a double edged sword. What problems come with success? Paul Cook – ‘with the  jump in sales, look to 3rd party manufacturers, divert responsibility, this provides security without the capex outlay when there’s a question mark around the sustainability of the demand surge’. 
  • How to keep planning when you don’t know how long the sales growth will last? Will Radford – ‘we had a 400% increase in sales over the last 3 months – we bought the right people in to grow capability, not spending a large amount of capex, but sensible increase in capacity with the right machinery.’
  • Protectionism is here to stay. But as Tood Graydon noted, it was already here, always has been. Things just got a bit more complicated.
  • Globalisation vs anti-globalisation. Paul Cook – ‘the debate ebbs and flows, the reality is that parts for everything you can imagine are coming in from all over the world, crossing ocean after ocean’.


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If you are in the Manufacturing sector, and are thinking about exporting, you need to be on this webinar!

Has the C19 crisis changed the Manufacturing sector’s approach with products made elsewhere, but from New Zealand companies, against the need to be ‘made in New Zealand’?

In this Friday’s webinar  EXPORT RECOVERY PANEL  |  SECTOR UPDATE  |  MANUFACTURING, we are positioning New Zealand businesses for recovery by discussing the current reality, and where the potential lies, with key figures from one of the country’s most important business sectors :

  • Is the general optimism we have been feeling still present in face of recent geo-political issues in the US and China?
  • Logistics – supply and access crunch points and management.
  • Channel pivots  (sounds like a widget) in manufacturing for both B2B and B2C businesses?
  • Domestic vs Export focus? 
  • Benefits of onshoring vs offshoring your supply chain?

Friday’s Panel will again be facilitated by Andy Mitchell, growth strategist at Katabolt, navigating pathways to help make it through with advice and insights from Industry Experts :

Hamish Conway

Sell Global, Director

Todd Graydon

Blunt Umbrellas, Global GM

Paul Cook

Marque Magnetics, Managing Director

Simon Thomas

Omega Innovations, Divisional Manager

Will Radford

Honeysticks, Founder and Colouring In Extraordinaire

The EXPORT RECOVERY PANEL Webinar series was designed for exporters, by exporters – providing guidance for our businesses to survive, then thrive, through C19. Over the series we have covered :

  • Searching for certainty where possible – navigating broken supply chains, and managing customer and supplier relationships to ensure liquidity and cashflow
  • Insights on the ground,  in markets  – to better understand the reality inside New Zealand’s key export regions of North America, Europe & the UK, Australia, and Asia. 
  • We are now turning our attention back home, focusing on the state of the Industry sectors that are the economic backbone of our nation.

All the EXPORT RECOVERY PANEL Webinars from our series are available to watch here, alongside contact details of all our panelists, and the key outtakes and resources from each.




All participants are welcome, and there is no cost for registration | CLICK BELOW | to get the link to our webinar platform for this Friday.

DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE ERP AFTERPARTY – consider this your invite…

The ERP AFTERPARTY is a 30 minute session directly after the webinar to provide guidance from two of the industry’s leading figures  –  Christopher Boys from Katabolt and Hamish Conway from SellGlobal  –  available to answer specific questions from you.

In the webinar registration link there is a field to enter your questions  –  or message Hamish during the webinar  –  then stay on the call after the Webinar finishes and we will try to get to yours to help out.

The Export Recovery Panel team would like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our friends at Kea New Zealand and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, for helping to make these webinars possible. Thank you.

You can now also register for next week’s webinar – focusing on the recovery of another of New Zealand’s most important sectors  –  TECHNOLOGY  –  by talking through the current reality for the Industry, and where the potential lies.





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