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Government’s change, Politicians change, Lockdown’s change – but trade just keeps on trucking. 

Uncertainty looms, and the lumps in the road may be large, but keep your eyes on the horizon….

Our amazing Panelists provided insights on managing demand and volume, and leveraging access in that market, which are unmissable if you are thinking about exporting to the USA –  the outtakes from the discussion are below:

  • Regulations in the US can really blindside you – you can only bring in so many peanuts – but there are benefits if you adjust your perspective, and messaging. Guy Horrocks from Solve talked about Fix & Fogg’s experience of selling ‘too much’ peanut butter into the US, when they hit the cap of imported peanuts, and how they adapted and benefited by creating a ‘local’ manufacturing plant in the US.
  • Trade goes on irrespective of politics. Mike Hearn gave us a great reminder of the long term reality – trade is vital. Government’s change, politicians change, lockdown’s change – but trade just keeps on moving, always has, always will.
  • Sometimes younger companies with niche skills can hit roadblocks accessing established companies in New Zealand, but as Guy Horrocks discussed, in the US, you can leverage the New Zealand network there and doors can open if you have the right solution. Warm intro’s through the New Zealand network, whether it’s people you know, through Guy’s ‘Flat White Meet-up’, or Kea – they can all really help you get your foot in the door –  the rest, as they say, is up to you.
  • Amazon’s growth is in the range of 40% this year in the US – as Hamish Conway put it ‘the baby boomers have moved in online, and they are not about to move out!’ The change in spending on Amazon in the US, and across all sales channels is massive, and difficult for us to fully comprehend – what is understood though as the days of exporters relying on ‘just enough’ product within their supply chain are over.



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On market, partner, channel selection  – Christopher Boys, Katabolt –

The Export Recovery Series was designed for exporters, by exporters – providing guidance for our businesses to survive, then thrive, through C19. Over the series we have covered :

  • Searching for certainty where possible – navigating broken supply chains, and managing customer and supplier relationships to ensure liquidity and cashflow
  • Insights on the ground,  in markets  – to better understand the reality inside New Zealand’s key export regions of North America, Europe and the UK, Australia, and Asia. 

All the Export Recovery Series Webinars and Interviews from our series are available to watch here, alongside contact details of all our panelists, and the key outtakes and resources from each.

The Export Recovery Series team would like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our friends at Kea New Zealand and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, for helping to make these webinars possible. Thank you.

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