Nandini Doreswamy

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Nandini Doreswamy


Nandini Doreswamy heads Symbrix Ltd, an International Trade consultancy that helps businesses build key strategic partnerships in India, facilitating collaborations and joint ventures in manufacturing and service industries, healthcare, technology, food and beverage, retail or wholesale throughout India.


Nandini has rich connections in India and New Zealand, and years of experience in healthcare, technology and business. She has qualifications in Medicine (M.B.,B.S. and M.S. in General Surgery) and in Information Technology (C.B.C., M.S.C.E., C.W.N.P.).


India and New Zealand


She is an India specialist who connects businesses with key players in private enterprise, government and venture capital firms, and has a wealth of knowledge about India’s unique supply chain logistics and regulatory environment. Her innovative approach helps businesses hit the ground running with an India strategy that gets results.She is also the co-founder and director of two technology businesses – Helion and Radius Networks, both based in Auckland.

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