Have you tried exporting before or is this your first time? Katabolt has two proven frameworks, one for the first time exporter, and one for those that have tried exporting before. Both are designed to save you precious time and money by making sure you are 100% ready before you hit go!

"Before Katabolt we were in a very tough situation and were struggling to see clarity in the market. By working with Katabolt, we were able to clearly understand what we needed to successfully supply the Australian market. They helped us to see who would be a good partner."

- CEO - Auckland Food Manufacturer

Kiwi Inventors

Kiwi Inventors

If this is your first time taking your product or service to an offshore market, or you have tried before and failed, but you are determined to go global – our ‘Inventors’ framework is for you.

Global Innovators

Global Innovators

You are probably an established business and may have already entered one or more markets – you still have your sights set on more and may be developing a unique product or service to take to a new region.  Or, you may be finding new market entry slower and ore hazardous than you thought.  Our ‘Innovators’ framework is for you.

Kiwi Inventors

As a new exporter, it's about understanding how to adapt your product or service to meet a global market. What needs to change, for whom, and where? No one can conquer the world right away, so how do you know where to start?


Get Ready – just how strong is demand for your product, have you validated and segmented it correctly? Are you 100% sure you are ready to take the next step or is there more work to do?


Aim – develop a strong strategy for market entry, work closely with our key networks on the ground in your target country to find people that are interested in your product and may want to partner with you. Open and define sales  and distribution channels in the markets you want to enter

And Lastly

Fire – it’s time to take on the commercials, marketing and positioning, overcome any regulations and get ready to launch.  Do so knowing you have on-the-ground support, a good understanding of your local customer,  a marketing strategy that meets cultural demands and an optimal price point.

Global Innovators

An as Established Exporter you know a lot. You also know that you don't know what you need to know. So, how do you get in the know? Insights provide clarity and focus and the ability to move forward with confidence.

"Thanks to your team for their efforts to date, and surprisingly how the validation changed our model completely! This was unexpected and therefore well worth while."
- Managing Director - Accountant Technology Firm


An immersive collaborative workshop to make sure we really understand your objectives, goals and history and what you are trying to achieve with your global growth strategy.


Using our in-market networks, Katabolt will help you develop a robust go-to-market strategy, ensuring you have thought through all aspects of business model impact, risks, your marketing is bang on and you know exactly who you are targeting, through which distribution channels, before you hit the go button!


Let’s go…with confidence! At this critical stage you will be surrounded by key people bother in NZ and in-market,  and know you have a robust strategy and virtual team to implement effective sales strategies and turn on revenue fast!

Katabolt and NZTE Export Essential Workshops

To build an export strategy, first, you need to know where you are in the export journey, and then how are you going to get to where you want to be?

Over the past 4 years we have been working with NZTE in developing and delivering our Export Essentials program to help early-stage exporters learn the fundamentals of becoming successful export businesses.

We are continually inspired in working with NZTE and New Zealand business to help them make the most of what they have to offer the world - to find out more about Export Essentials courses near you, see below.

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  • June 3rd Christchurch
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