Export Clarity

There’s an old saying that ‘clarity affords focus’. Our Export Clarity service is designed to give you just that: clarity and focus.

Committed to exporting? About to invest in entering a new market? Take a breath.

It’s a fact: exporting is challenging, expensive and risky. For a New Zealand exporter, the average cost to enter a new market is $300K.

Yet, in some of our most popular export sectors, around 15% of companies will exit a new market within 18 months.*

Why? More often than not, the answer is a lack of preparation.

Even when exporters have market data, many have trouble distilling it into useful insights.

Our Export Clarity service fills in the blanks so you can de-risk your export investment.

The Export Clarity service has four key elements

1. Export Clarity Workshop
In a full-day, in-person workshop, we’ll assess, document and stress-test the foundational assumptions of your go-to-market strategy, including your resourcing and budget plans, high-level competitive analysis, customer personas, value proposition and brand positioning.

You might have mapped out some or all of these elements beforehand but our team brings a unique export lens to your assumptions that often result in changes to your strategy or tactics to address international markets. We help you fill in the blanks.
2. Reflection and Analysis
Following the Export Clarity workshop, our advisors will reflect on the discussion, engage with our team of analysts if needed, and stress-test the ideas or hypotheses we discussed in the session.

For example, we might dig deeper into your value chain to identify weak links, stress test and iterate your value proposition for an international audience, or conduct additional competitive research to ensure that our collective assumptions are water-tight.
3. Report and Recommendations
Following the reflection and analysis phase, our team will pull together a robust written plan, including resourcing, budgeting and potential government funding available for your export journey.

This is a key deliverable offering actionable recommendations to help de-risk your market entry.

Approximately 10-14 days after the original session, our advisors will reconvene with you, to walk through the report and recommendations. This can either be done in-person or over video conference.
4. Research
The Research phase is a deep-dive into the details of international expansion. This phase typically takes around 30 days.

Building on the recommendations from the report, our research analysts use cutting-edge tools — many of them proprietary to Katabolt — to conduct a market opportunity assessment of the top 5-10 markets you could enter next, before making a recommendation of the top 1-3 markets where you should focus.

The end result is a razor-sharp market entry plan that significantly de-risks your export strategy.

What is the Export Clarity service?

  • Full-day in-person workshop with two of our export advisors.
  • Reflection and deep-dive with our team of analysts.
  • Robust written report with key recommendations.
  • Two-hour playback session.
  • 30-day market opportunity research phase.

Price: $24,750 + GST

Reassurance: priceless

Limited time offer.
Pay only $22,250 for Export Clarity if you book before December 1st, 2021.

“We dived deep into our value chain, identifying and debating all the areas where we create and add value. This was gold as it effectively helped us prioritise our efforts and develop richer value propositions.”

Rob Simcic
CEO, Little Beauties

“The Katabolt team stress-tested our market entry strategy and we gained another level of clarity that wasn’t previously there. It also gave us confidence around channel accuracy and short-term growth expectations.”

Todd Graydon

“The workshop was extremely helpful. It helped define our collective thinking and the Katabolt team pushed us to open our minds. We walked away invigorated and excited about the challenge ahead.”

Steve Davis
Director, Assemble Limited

“We covered a lot of ground in the session. The Katabolt team were able to get their heads around the core of the business very quickly and they helped uncover a few blind spots we weren’t aware of.”

Greg Webster
GM, Topflite

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* Stat based on failure rate for food, beverage and tobacco exporters, Business Operations Survey, Stats NZ.