Accelerate your ambition.

Looking to distribute your products in the United Kingdom? Then you’ve come to the right place. Katabolt offers a fast path to market for New Zealand brands.

We can get your product in the U.K. and start testing the market in just 99 days.

Get the clarity and confidence to put your best foot forward.

Given the recently-announced free trade deal with the United Kingdom, now is the ideal time to plan your expansion into the U.K. market.

With our 99-day U.K. accelerator, Katabolt provides guaranteed distributor listings, can source logistical partners, arrange key buyer meetings and provide access to over 600 retailers for instant growth opportunities.

Why choose the 99-day accelerator?

Strong in-market partners
We've partnered with The Good Collective to help get your products into market.

The Good Collective help build strong touch points on all marketing platforms and create solid distribution networks.

After a decade in the U.K., they have a wealth of experience implementing sales strategies and marketing plans for brands with large, small or even zero budget. They're driven by the hustle to put New Zealand brands on the map, solve growth problems and get things done.
End-to-end support
Growing your business in the U.K. can be difficult. And a lack of traction can be stressful. But you don’t have to do it alone. Over the last decade we’ve partnered with countless New Zealand exporters on the same journey who have come out smiling. Our team of experts are on call 24/7 and provide end-to-end support every step of the way.
Market knowledge
As China becomes increasingly difficult to penetrate, exporters are looking to the U.K. But it’s a big place and market forces are constantly shifting. It’s important to focus, and take it city by city, state by state. We help you expand your channels in the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons. We understand which steps to take, and in which order.
Category knowledge
The Katabolt team has unparalleled expertise in the F&B, health and wellness and pharmaceutical industries. From honey to dried fruit, from seafood to chocolate, we’ve been involved in developing hundreds of successful U.K. market entry and expansion strategies over the last 10 years. Our team understand these categories inside-out and are experts at facilitating the product journey from port to warehouse, from warehouse to shelf.
Capability and capacity
Capability and capacity are constant challenges when you’re exporting to the U.K. You can think of Katabolt as your outsourced, expert, export team. Utilising our turn-key capability and capacity means you avoid needing to burn your existing workforce or hire additional staff to get the job done.

“[Katabolt brought] an effective high-energy blend of structure, analysis, insight, reflection and creativity. It was important to be challenged on our assumptions by an external set of eyes and ears.”

Rob Simcic
CEO, Little Beauties

“The Katabolt team stress-tested our market entry strategy and we gained another level of clarity that wasn’t previously there.”

Todd Graydon

“We’ve learned so much from working with Katabolt and we’ve built our own internal capability so we can do a lot of this work ourselves in the future”

Brock Lauritsen
CEO, MedGreen

“We gained clarification of our own business in New Zealand – our value proposition and the gaps that needed to be strengthened in the business model to be successful in an export market.”

Kari Reiterer
CEO, YouDo

“The Katabolt team stress-tested our market entry strategy and we gained another level of clarity that wasn’t previously there.”

Todd Graydon

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