Export Market Triage

Exporters need to prioritise understanding what is happening in their export markets now – it’s time to plan and act for recovery.

Export Market Triage – Katabolt’s new service for exporters to reset their strategy post COVID-19.

Our Triage tool efficiently examines the potential of your export markets, comparing pre and post COVID-19 status.

You can focus on your business. International trade is ours. The service is delivered by Katabolt’s team of expert strategists and market analysts, leaving you free to concentrate on your business while the work is done.

Clear outcomes. The results are clearly articulated and documented, enabling you to make immediate and well informed decisions on whether to continuing investing in your existing export markets, or move to others.

Why Export Market Triage?

All exporters are facing critical decision points as they progress through the COVID-19 crisis:

Is it more profitable long term to persevere with your existing export markets, which are likely in disarray, or find new ones which may provide an easier return?

  • There is no universal answer to this question, as access to every country has been disrupted and the future needs of any target market post COVID-19 are hard to predict.
  • It is crucial that all exporters undertake a snapshot evaluation of the future potential in each of their chosen markets. But with markets changing so fast, how can you re-validate your markets quickly enough to be able to make an informed decision?

Find out if our Export Market Triage tool is right for you

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“We’ve learned so much from working with Katabolt and we’ve built our own internal capability so we can do a lot of this work ourselves in the future”

Brock Lauritsen
CEO, MedGreen

“We gained clarification of our own business in New Zealand – our value proposition and the gaps that needed to be strengthened in the business model to be successful in an export market.”

Kari Reiterer
CEO, YouDo

Without the support and work of Katabolt, it would have taken significant time and resources to identify which product to take to market or multiple attempts to enter the market successfully.

Miriana Stephens
General Manager, AuOra

“The Katabolt team stress-tested our market entry strategy and we gained another level of clarity that wasn’t previously there.”

Todd Graydon