Why Us?

We begin by listening to you and working collaboratively through our processes to build a relationship of trust between us and the teams we work with.

"We were really impressed with how Katabolt understood our current situation from the start."

"We felt isolated in our space but they reassured us that were weren't the only ones and were able to give us immediate advice on the spot so we didn't make the same mistakes. "
NZ Nano-Technology Company

Benefits of partnering with Katabolt

Move Faster
Getting to market first can make or break a business. Our process helps us to quickly understand which markets present the best opportunity for you to pursue first. We then use our on-the-ground networks in 26 countries to make the connections you need, find the answers you're looking for and break into markets – fast!
Hit New Ground Running
It can be risky entering a new market, taking away valuable resources from your every day operations is a major risk. Make sure you are set up to succeed before you get on a plane. We can add the capability and capacity to enter the right market, in the right way, without damage to your existing business. Together we will identify exactly what needs to happen to ensure results once you do hit new ground!
Doers, Not Bystanders
It’s time consuming running a business and an expanding one at that – time is precious. Katabolt doesn’t just help with the strategy, we roll up our sleeves and help you get the work done, working with you through our process and then go with you into export markets, in meetings with partners, side by side.  We are exporters that know how to help other exporters succeed.
Lower Risk, Lower Cost
Going into a new market can feel like a walk into the unknown. Without experienced partners by your side it can be costly, and there are many risks to be avoided.  Katabolt has been there before and can guide you through the potholes, saving you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes, and enabling you to make the most from the opportunity.
Finding the right partners in market and having the resources to reach out to them and initiate contact can be tough on a mid-sized business. With Katabolt you have access to our team –  in New Zealand and in market – who you can work with on specific aspects of your business. Utilising our turn-key capability and capacity means you avoid needing to burn your existing workforce or hire additional staff to get the job done.

“[Katabolt brought] an effective high-energy blend of structure, analysis, insight, reflection and creativity. It was important to be challenged on our assumptions by an external set of eyes and ears.”

Rob Simcic
CEO, Little Beauties

“The Katabolt team stress-tested our market entry strategy and we gained another level of clarity that wasn’t previously there.”

Todd Graydon

“We’ve learned so much from working with Katabolt and we’ve built our own internal capability so we can do a lot of this work ourselves in the future”

Brock Lauritsen
CEO, MedGreen

“We gained clarification of our own business in New Zealand – our value proposition and the gaps that needed to be strengthened in the business model to be successful in an export market.”

Kari Reiterer
CEO, YouDo

“The Katabolt team stress-tested our market entry strategy and we gained another level of clarity that wasn’t previously there.”

Todd Graydon