Many companies try and fail to develop a successful export strategy.

Our Prepare service gives you clarity and confidence around your export plan based on research and hard data.

What is Prepare?

Our Prepare service is designed to give you a solid foundation, so you’re set up for success when entering new markets.

When it comes to exporting, everyone has blind spots… even if you’ve done this before. Asking the right questions upfront takes the guesswork out of new market entry.

While the process runs slightly differently for every business, there are four key stages of the Prepare service. Each stage injects more evidence and certainty into your export planning until you have clarity and confidence that you’re making the right decisions.

The end result is a robust evidence-based plan that will guarantee you enter the right market with the best possible chance of success.

Stages of Prepare

1. Getting to Know Each Other
We’ll be heading into some sticky situations arm-in-arm, so you need to trust us (and vice versa). Call us old-fashioned but we like to break bread with the people we work with. That’s why - following an initial introductory call - we like to consummate all our client relationships with a two-hour* lunch meeting.

In this phase, we want to get a high-level understanding of your current state, including your business model and current routes to market, so we can start to curate the right blend of services to help you get to market as quickly as possible.
2. Discovery Workshop (half day or full day)
In this half-day or full-day session, we’ll assess, document and stress-test the foundational assumptions of your go-to-market strategy, including your resourcing and budget plans, high-level competitive analysis, customer personas, value proposition and brand positioning.

You might have mapped out some or all of these elements beforehand but our team brings a unique export lens to your assumptions that often result in changes to your strategy or tactics to address international markets.

Following the Discovery workshop, we’ll pull together some coherent findings and recommendations to help inform the rest of the Prepare process.
3. Initial Research (30-45 days)
Led by our exceptional team of experienced data analysts and planners, the Initial Research phase is a deep-dive into the details of international expansion. This phase typically takes between 30 and 45 days, depending on the complexity of the markets or segments you are playing in.

The Initial Research phase includes detailed research into global market trends, regulatory and commercial requirements for market entry, pricing and competitive landscape, value chain mapping and “white space analysis” to help assess a product opportunity across different markets.

Throughout this phase our team use cutting-edge tools — many of them proprietary to Katabolt — to gather evidence and validate (or debunk) your assumptions so we can adjust them accordingly.
4. Project Plan Presentation (half-day workshop)
Following the Initial Research phase, we will come back together as a group for a half-day workshop.

During this session, we’ll present a draft export plan, including recommendations for entry into specific markets or regions, an initial build of distributor / reseller criteria, and a clear plan for how to resource your in-market launch activity.

When you have full confidence in your export plan, we can work with you to present the plan to other stakeholders such as your board of directors, and/or assist with pulling together a business case for funding from the public or private sector.

Once all stakeholders are agreed, we press go 🚀…and move into what we call the Sustain phase.

Why Use Katabolt?

We have the people and capability you need

Very few businesses have the right people with the right capability to tackle new export markets. We’ve been there and done what you’re trying to do.

We’ve partnered with countless New Zealand exporters on the same journey who have come out smiling. We know what it takes and we’re on call to deal with the challenges and complications, 24/7.

Test, learn, repeat

Along the way there will be challenges but we’ll meet them head on. We encourage you to test your hypotheses, learn as you go and make the necessary changes to finalise your go-to-market strategy.

International markets can be confusing, chaotic and intimidating. We’ll help you validate the market from the market side. You bring a growth mindset and we’ll help you navigate entry into the market.

Close the deal

We’ve been doing this for more than 10 years, and have access to a global partner network, channels, connections and customers we can call on for support. More importantly, we know how to close the deal.

Sustain is all about defining and securing a sustainable route to market for you.

“[Katabolt brought] an effective high-energy blend of structure, analysis, insight, reflection and creativity. It was important to be challenged on our assumptions by an external set of eyes and ears.”

Rob Simcic
CEO, Little Beauties

“The Katabolt team stress-tested our market entry strategy and we gained another level of clarity that wasn’t previously there.”

Todd Graydon

“We’ve learned so much from working with Katabolt and we’ve built our own internal capability so we can do a lot of this work ourselves in the future”

Brock Lauritsen
CEO, MedGreen

“We gained clarification of our own business in New Zealand – our value proposition and the gaps that needed to be strengthened in the business model to be successful in an export market.”

Kari Reiterer
CEO, YouDo

“The Katabolt team stress-tested our market entry strategy and we gained another level of clarity that wasn’t previously there.”

Todd Graydon

Are you ready?

Working with Katabolt is an exciting, exhilarating process with endless possibilities.

We can’t make it happen for you. But we will make it happen with you. Now, let’s get started.