Many companies try and fail to develop a successful export strategy.

Our Prepare service gives you clarity and confidence around your export plan based on research and hard data.

Exporting is complicated.

Before you commit any resources, you need to do your homework.

You need a plan that is well-researched, achievable, clearly understood and actionable by all parties, particularly the internal stakeholders in your business. You need to do the groundwork before you start digging for treasure. You need to be prepared.

We're obsessed with evidence

We use proven tools and methodologies.

Our exceptional team of experienced data analysts and planners use cutting-edge tools — many of them proprietary to Katabolt — to gather evidence and validate (or debunk) your assumptions so we can adjust them accordingly.

Knowledge and know-how you can depend on

We’re experts when it comes to exporting. With exporting, there’s a lot of dark matter or unknown unknowns. That is, information, regulations, or potential pitfalls that most people don’t know about.

We’ve documented and dealt with a lot of dark matter. We know how to recognise it and where to look for it.

Think of us as a torch on a dark path, a fence at the top of a cliff. We provide certainty in uncertain situations.

Actionable outcomes to grow your business

Providing you with a robust, evidence-based export plan.

We’ve done this many times so we know what it takes. It all comes down to risk mitigation. Our evidence-based process gives your export plan the best chance of success.

We know where you should be, what you should be doing at any given moment, and help you benchmark your progress to keep moving forward. Accountability is key to getting things done.

Prepare will get you to a point where the key stakeholders (inside and/or outside your business) are confident enough in the export plan to press Go. We can even work with you to sell it to your board, if you need help with that.

“[Katabolt brought] an effective high-energy blend of structure, analysis, insight, reflection and creativity. It was important to be challenged on our assumptions by an external set of eyes and ears.”

Rob Simcic
CEO, Little Beauties

“The Katabolt team stress-tested our market entry strategy and we gained another level of clarity that wasn’t previously there.”

Todd Graydon

“We’ve learned so much from working with Katabolt and we’ve built our own internal capability so we can do a lot of this work ourselves in the future”

Brock Lauritsen
CEO, MedGreen

“We gained clarification of our own business in New Zealand – our value proposition and the gaps that needed to be strengthened in the business model to be successful in an export market.”

Kari Reiterer
CEO, YouDo

“The Katabolt team stress-tested our market entry strategy and we gained another level of clarity that wasn’t previously there.”

Todd Graydon

Are you ready?

Working with Katabolt is an exciting, exhilarating process with endless possibilities.

We can’t make it happen for you. But we will make it happen with you. Now, let’s get started.