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Christopher Boys - Partner and Founder

Industries you know well
Sales, Technology, International trade and export, Software development, Marine, Food and Beverage, Specialised Manufacturing, Technology and Education

How many years you have worked in them?
I’ve worked in technology for 15 years, education three, manufacturing three, food and beverage three, sales 20 years

Areas of specialty
Sales strategy, business growth, business development and strategy

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Michael Poynter

Michael Poynter - Head of Market Research

Industries you know well
Chemicals and materials and, through working with clients in this sector, experience in a wide range of downstream industries including healthcare, food & beverage, renewable energy, packaging, aerospace & defence, automotive & transportation, oil & gas, construction, sports & leisure, consumer products.

Area of Specialty
New market validation, international market expansion, value chain analysis, technology transfer/commercialisation of early stage technologies, project management, business development.

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Andy Mitchell - Growth Strategist

Areas of Speciality?

Building brands, repositioning businesses, leading innovative marketing campaigns and inventing new products. I work closely with Katabolt’s clients on value proposition and value chain to help them understand their position in the current market and how to leverage that to grow in the future.

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Kirsten Nevile - Programme Manager

Areas of Speciality?

Experienced Design Thinking practitioner passionate about designing engaging customer experiences. Passionate about creating opportunities to build the future of New Zealand. Skilled in creative problem solving, building people capability, programme and project management, customer experience and solution design, prototyping and testing, business strategy and planning, change management.


Brooke Merrick - Market Analyst

Why did you want to work at Katabolt?

I wanted to help NZ business  by analysing the international market place to help them make better decisions. I like to be involved in different business environments and the small team here produces a really motivating culture.

What do you want to learn?

To learn more about the small problems of business that can make a considerable difference if solved or mitigated.


Louise Stodart - Accountant

Industries you know well
Financial Accounting services range from Advertising and Marketing , Import, Film, Property Development, Project Management, Engineers, Events, Real Estate, Service providers, Education.

How many years you have worked in them?
Been in business for 9 years.

Areas of specialty
Financial systems and advice, looking after the running  of the financial side of businesses and relieving Directors to do what they are good at.


Dianca Mitchell - Market Research Analyst

What are the industries that you know well?

FMCG, science and technology.

Why did you want to work at Katabolt?

Because of the variety in day-to-day work and projects offered was super interesting and ensured that I have the opportunity to constantly learn and push myself.

What do you want to learn?

The intricacies of project and client management.

What are your hobbies?

I’m a massive foodie and love trying new things from all over the world.

What is something interesting about you?

My passion lies within the field of social innovation and social entrepreneurship.


Sukhkriti Mehta - Project Co-ordinator

Why do you work at Katabolt?

Working at Katabolt allows me to work with brilliant NZ companies in a variety of industries, markets and sizes. Our mission of propelling businesses offshore excites me as we are able to showcase New Zealand’s very best on a global stage. I am passionate about having a deep understanding of international markets and how to leverage this understanding to provide effective and efficient management strategies over various projects to reach an overall shared vision.


What are your areas of speciality?

My areas of expertise include people management, client management, public speaking, and project management with a focus on market research and business development strategy.

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Are you ready to fast track your export success?

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