February 23, 2021

Export Recovery Series | Around The World | October Update

One of the current challenges that exporters and brands face right now is the limited ability to travel internationally. Since March Katabolt, and Sell Global have partnered to bring New Zealand exporters and brands a monthly expert panel from around the world to discuss how exporters need to position themselves to survive, and then thrive, in this new export environment.

This month’s update webinar themes:

  • What is happening on the ground in key export markets including the US, UK, and China? 
  • What is the impact of current consumer behaviours and trends on New Zealand exporters, now and in the future?
  • What are the key actions New Zealand exporters can take to capitalise on the current perception of New Zealand, and the different opportunities in each market?

Brexit and the US election

There are a number of social, cultural, and political trends impacting current export activity, but also a number of political events on the horizon that could have significant impact:

  • For New Zealand exporters operating out of the UK or Europe, understanding the risks around Brexit are and creating a plan to mitigate those will be key. 
  • In the US market, the results of the US election will have implications on national policies dealing with Covid-19, impacts on the macroeconomy, and things around deregulation over the next four years.

The New Zealand Story

Rebecca Smith from NZStory shared the research and insights from the NZStory Global Pulse check that looked at understanding how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed perceptions of New Zealand in five key markets. 

While New Zealand was an early success story, other countries are now starting to experience their own success. New Zealand’s window of opportunity to solve problems in other parts of the world is closing. 

Rebecca’s advice to New Zealand exporters was:

  • Don’t mention your approach to Covid-19, it’s a non-starter. 
  • Market yourselves better – you don’t spend enough time, money, effort marketing yourself in other markets.
  • Do it with grace and integrity, do it now because the world is interested. 

The importance of the fundamentals

Our panellists agreed that getting the foundations of your export journey right is key; that includes getting the market validation and product fit right before you enter the market and using the resources available e.g. Katabolt, NZTE etc to help you do that. If you are thinking about distributing through brick and mortar stores you need to have evidence your product will sell.

Travel restrictions have given New Zealand exporters the opportunity to use their travel budget in a different way. Consider undertaking further market validation, improving your brand proposition,understanding your target audience you are going after, potentially narrow it down and be very focused. Again, use the resources available.

Watch the full webinar replay above for more market insights and opportunities from our panel of industry experts. For further links and information, see the resources section below.


Our October Around the World Update webinar was facilitated by Hamish Conway, Managing Director, Sell Global, with special guests:

  • Rachel Maidment, NZ China Council
  • Bob Burke, expert in Food & Beverage from the USA
  • Nick Swallow, Trade Commissioner, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise in the UK & Ireland
  • Rebecca Smith, NZ Story 


NZTE - https://www.nzte.govt.nz/

myNZTE (register or log in for more information not visible on the NZTE website)- https://my.nzte.govt.nz/

Katabolt - https://www.katabolt.com/

Sell Global - https://sellglobal.co.nz/

NZStory Market Research - https://www.nzstory.govt.nz/resource/market-research/

The New Zealand FernMark Licence Programme - www.fernmark.nzstory.govt.nz

The New Zealand China Council - https://nzchinacouncil.org.nz/

Export Essentials - https://www.exportessentials.nz/

Kea New Zealand - https://www.keanewzealand.com/

All the Export Recovery Series webinars and interviews are available to watch here, alongside contact details of all our panelists, and the key out takes and resources from each.

The Export Recovery Series team would like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our friends at Kea New Zealand and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, for helping to make these webinars possible. Thank you.