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Export Recovery Panel Webinar | Three | Broken Cashflow

Thursday 9th April 2020 9:30 am – 1 hour With the unprecedented upheaval from Covid19, Katabolt, New Zealand’s leading export consultancy, has created the Survive to Thrive Project – by exporters, for exporters. The EXPORT RECOVERY PANEL WEBINAR SERIES provides clarity, certainty and guidance on what is shaky ground – you can get your footing,…

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Survive to Thrive Project | Market Insights | Is China Open For Business?

The increasingly severe impact of COVID-19 has been felt throughout the world, with countries, communities and businesses facing significant social and economic implications in the months and years to come. The effects of this crisis on China – the country, people and economy – is in the spotlight due to it being the first country…

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7 Questions to ask your export partners right now!

Create certainty in a sea of uncertainty – these are 7 questions we have put together to ask your export partners right now to get the clarity you need. Don’t leave things to chance, the more you understand, the more certainty you will get on the decisions you need to make now. Understanding the markets you sell into, the…

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Export Recovery Panel Webinar | Two | Broken Supply Chains

Friday 3rd April 2020 10:00 am – 1 hour The theme that came through from Webinar Two was for exporters to fully understand the breaks and complexities in their supply chain first, then seek out the help that is available, and on the increase: New Zealand is open for business, we are still importing and…

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Export Recovery Panel Webinar | One | Stay Afloat

Friday 27th March 2020 10:00 am – 1 hour The theme that emerged in Webinar One was the need to “find certainty” You need to know your business better today than you every have done.  Commit to this undertaking before you react and try to fix things.   You can only plan again when you…

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The weird stuff – doing things differently

Inspiring New Zealand companies taking on the world This opinion piece –  from Bruce Jarvis, group manager of Callaghan Innovation’s digital team, on the niche global opportunities within digital services – illustrates how we can succeed when our country’s unique can-do approach drives us to think about and do things differently to our global competitors,…

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Do you know the Opportunities in Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia is often misunderstood. Lately we have noticed some key messages coming out of the research done in Southeast Asia and also with client trends, particularly in the food and beverage market place. This market place is full of untapped opportunities that can grow New Zealand businesses dramatically – if executed right. Southeast Asia…

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Quiz: So, How do You know When you Are Ready?

Take this short quiz to understand where your product or service has the greatest opportunities in the market. At the end, if you have any questions about why we asked some of the questions, please enquire here.  View Quiz How can Katabolt help me?

Five mistakes that Kiwi growth companies make when raising capital

This is a guest post contributed by the team from private equity marketplace Snowball Effect Many companies that we have worked with to raise capital have gone on to hire advertising agencies, public relations firms or marketing consultancies to help them grow. When we were based at the Icehouse, our office neighbours were export strategy…

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Five Things Successful New Zealand Exporters Do to Find Lasting Market Partnerships

  Recently Katabolt worked with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) to develop a service that helps New Zealand businesses with export ambitions understand the path from considering exporting products or services to entering their first export markets.  In building the service, Katabolt reflected on some of our early research into successful Kiwi exporters.  The…

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FREE Export Readiness Assessment Checklist

For all our loyal followers – here is a FREE download of our Export Readiness Checklist!

Invest in yourself

“Invest in yourself, before others will choose to invest in you” – this quote resonated during the inspirational talk by Greg Brebner (Founder) and Scott Kington (Co-Founder) of Blunt Umbrellas at the University of Auckland Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unleash your Potential speaker series. Two strong-willed individuals who never gave up, who stuck to…

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Export Essentials Workshops!

To build an export strategy, first, you need to know where you are in the export journey, and then how are you going to get to where you want to be? Over the past 4 years we have been working with  NZTE in developing and delivering our Export Essentials programme to help early-stage exporters learn…

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The Outstanding CEO Summit 2017

We made sure that Katabolt didn’t miss the CEO Summit this year. This year the Summit focused on developing culture of innovation within your organisation and how to link that to what your customer actually wants. We were interested in seeing how Chris and Rahul would interpret the speakers, what their key messages from the…

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Where to from here? Adding Value to New Zealand’s Food Exports

New Zealand is almost at capacity. Under the current model, there is little room left to expand agricultural and horticultural production without risking our national food brand. So how will New Zealand double primary sector exports from $32 billion in 2012 to $64 billion in 2025? This was the theme at the heart of the…

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Why Exporting is not like a First Date

Would you marry someone after the first date? Or would you take some time and get to know them first? We’re guessing the answer is the latter, but having worked with numerous New Zealand exporters it seems that we meet someone exotic, throw caution to the wind and just commit too soon. All jokes aside,…

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