February 23, 2021

Export Recovery Series | Will Radford, Honeysticks | Transitioning From A Side Project, To A Value Drive Exporter

How do you transition a side project into a values-driven business exporting out of NZ into 20 different countries?

Watch our interview with Honeysticks co-owner and Chief Colouring-In Officer, Will Radford, to find out how the New Zealand brand and business, Honeysticks did just that.

We previously heard from Will Radford on the ERP 12 Manufacturing Sector Update webinar about how demand for Honeysticks product surged during the covid-19 lockdown.

Hamish Conway (Sell Global) caught up with Will to find out about his journey transitioning out of marketing in the corporate world into a small New Zealand manufacturing company, the lessons learned as a New Zealand exporter going to market, and what it was like trading B2B and B2C in multiple markets during a global pandemic.

The interview also includes:

  • The lessons and learnings from selecting markets and channels for a premium product
  • The importance of believing in your product and communicating your brand values to justify your price point
  • How priority messaging changes market to market but NZ made is always one of the top 3 selling points

If you’re growing your business to step into the export market, or currently in the export market, you don’t want to miss this interview!

Our Export Recovery Series is designed to help NZ exporters better understand the post lockdown world we now find ourselves in.

If you missed any of our previous webinars or interviews, all the Export Recovery Series Webinars and Interviews are available to watch here, alongside contact details of all our panelists, and the key outtakes and resources from each.

The Export Recovery Series team would like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our friends at Kea New Zealand and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, for helping to make these webinars possible. Thank you.

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